Build My List Review

The online market is abuzz about Jimmy Kim’s Build my list. A number of reviews are raving about how effective this new technique of making money online is. You too must have heard about it and that is why you are here reading this review. So that we are all on the same page, let us start by defining what this is.

Jimmy Kim’s Build My List: This is an email marketing training program that will teach you how to create valuable mailing lists as well as earn money off this in a simple five step course. The training also uses video to make it easier for you to follow.

Now that you know what it is, let us talk about on the 5 steps.

Step 1: List Secrets, This gets down to teaching you how to build solid lists that will prove beneficial to you. I would say this step leaves nothing out, you will learn why you need to build the list, the value of that list you have built and then how you should go about building the list. There are even tools provided to make this even easier.

Step 2: The Profit Machine, Since you are in this to make money Jimmy Kim’s build my list will teach you how to make money using your list. The biggest and most important part of this step is working with the auto responder. This step teaches you how to use the auto responder to capture addresses as well as send emails to them. Build My list will give you a free 90 day trial period to use this tool. In the course you will learn how to set it up, how to use the different features and why you should use them.

Step 3: Max Commissions, commissions are what give you money and the higher the commission the better for you. With many products, the commission ranges between 30 and 50 percent but max commissions shows you which products will give you maximum commission. You can actually get up to 100 percent commission for some product and this step will introduce you to that.

Step 4: Business Wizard, this will teach you to set up what is called your landing page, it is really like your business address. You will learn how to build this very easily using a drag and drop builder and no need to worry about payment because it is free with the membership to build my list.

Step 5: Instant traffic triggers, after you have built your website, you need people to come and visit it. This step will teach you to do this. You will learn a lot about internet traffic, how to get traffic, what attracts traffic, what you have to pay for and what you can get for free. It will help you make money as fast as possible.

And with that the five step program will be done. You will find the video very helpful in getting you to understand these steps much easier.

You now must be wondering if this really works. Well the Jimmy Kim’s Build my list was designed by Jimmy Kim himself and he is a well known online marketer who has made over 50 million dollars in sales during the over six years he has been doing email marketing. There is no doubt that it is working for him.

And what of the other people using it? Well according to Guru reviews team, this is a product like no other, the review quotes Mohamed Mnafeg as saying “The program provides a step by step blue print for email marketing which even the least tech savvy person would be able to follow and implement successfully” adding that it is the most impressive and up to date program on email marketing and he would recommend it to his online followers.

Some of the pros of Jimmy Kims build my list program are:

– It is very easy to follow and learn

– It is free for 90 days after which you pay just $30

– It will teach you to make maximum commission

– There is the option of a personal coach.

You just have to ask people who are already using Jimmy Kim’s build my list to know that it really is working and people are making thousands of dollars because of it.

iPro Academy 2.0 Review

Businesses have broken from the bonds of working in a small scale, as they have since learned about online businesses. However with this comes a challenge as very few people may be visiting the site to buy, even with repeated advertisements. Still with the internet the place everyone is going to, iPro Academy 2.0 has come in to boost businesses by giving it the necessary support to increase not only traffic but also sales. In this case here is a detailed iPro Academy 2.0 review of what it is and what it offers.

What is iPro Academy 2.0?

iPro Academy 2.0 is basically an online membership community that offers various courses, giving countless businesses the opportunity to make money. In a 7 module guide, one is given a step by step explanations about their business and how to advertise online. With this members have been able to create their websites and sales funnels, using major platforms such as Google, Facebook and Bing.

What it offers?

There are many items that are offered under iPro Academy 2.0. In this case the most mentionable are;

7 modules of video training

These are basically videos used to guide one from the foundation stages of a business to becoming an expert in commanding traffic within 30 days. The modules offered are;

• Module 1-Learning of fundamentals of internet marketing, internet language, measuring online success and choosing right advertising channel

• Module 2-Creating your own website by selecting your niche, how to promote it and a guide on outsourcing

• Module 3-Understanding the sales funnels such as direct linking, opt-in funnel, pre-sell funnel, review page funnel and creation of own sales funnel

• Module 4-Introduction to Facebook advertising, understanding it, Facebook compliance, setting FB page, setting FB ad account and finding right target audience.

• Module 5-Introduction to Google Ad words, understanding it, compliance with Google, understanding Google search networks, optimization, setting campaign and optimization of Ads

• Module 6-Bing advertising introduction, compliance, setting campaigns and optimization, additional tips

• Module 7-Penny click mastery introduction and introduction to in- text adverts, set up 50OnRed and set up on TrafficVance.

Live training

In most iPro Academy 2.0 Reviews, live training by Fred Lann himself is the most cherished. With this it becomes easier to get feedback on most pressing questions. Still with there being a live question and answer session, any problems arising with the program are addressed immediately.

Real time Case studies &masterminding

iPro Academy 2.0 community is privileged to seeing Fred Lann in action. With expertise of Facebook, a live campaign is started with limited resources to bring in profits. Not only are new ideas born in the end, but also one has the opportunity off understanding and mastering the program better.

Money back guarantee

With the promise to work within 30 days from the date of purchase, a 100% money back guarantee is offered. However according to personal iPro Academy 2.0 Reviews, the guide and the results seen are as promised making the move unnecessary.

Is it worth it?

With the 30 day money guarantee and an online community available, advertising has never been easier. However giving training courses from the basics of which niche to use and mastering major platforms to create money, makes it the only program all businesses use.

Alex Becker’s Source Phoenix Review

Now more than ever Search Engine Optimization is becoming a booming business for anyone in the online space – and who isn’t online these days. Saying that, who doesn’t want to bring in the leads and make loads of cash with very little effort? So it makes sense that more SEO-focused products are hitting the online market and cascading into success at an incredible rate. Much like Alex Becker’s course, Source Phoenix. This product is the brainchild of one of the biggest trainers in the industry. And arguably one of the highest earners.

A Bit About Alex Becker

Let’s first take a look at the man himself. Right from the beginning he has taken charge by pioneering Search Engine Optimization platforms and finding out exactly what works and what doesn’t. To date there’s nothing quiet comparable to Source Wave.

Alex Becker tends to operate with honesty and transparency and today he boasts one of the biggest and most active, engaging following within the SEO community.

So let’s look at Source Phoenix.

What’s Alex Becker’s Course All About?

What’s making this course successful is Becker’s extensive investigations into SEO development in terms of tools, plugins and automated processes that help to anchor Search Engine Optimization activities. And with previous hits like seo zen and seo omega, there’s no doubt Source Phoenix may be his best product yet. Keep in mind that besides outsourcing, systems and automation make up the perfect trio for making money fast. With very little effort needed.

Who Exactly Is Going to Benefit From Source Phoenix?

Pretty much everyone from beginners to veterans in the SEO and online space are set to gain and profit from the strategies, techniques and knowledge this SEO software and 3 SEO gurus have to offer.

Whether you simply want to rank your own websites or pull in the clientele with SEO enhancements and improvements, you’ll learn how the 3 SEO experts are actively taking in more than $300 000 every month.

Anyone bringing in this kind of cash is going to have the proof and that is exactly what Alex Becker’s course shows and tells.

A Quick Overview of Source Phoenix

So, a quick look at the program:

– Source Phoenix offers a 4 step module for obtaining rankings and optimizing them.
– There is a SEO nova plugin as well as a new PR trading program, Source Catalyst.
– The course provides 2 months of hands-on group coaching as well as live webinars.

A Course Map

Source Phoenix, in short, consists of:

1. Core Training Module

– What is SEO
– How it works
– How to make money with SEO
– Choosing a niche
– Setting up your site
– Creating an SEO optimized website
– Linking to your website

2. Affiliate SEO and Rankings

– What is affiliate SEO
– How to choose the best offers to promote
– How to choose the best keywords
– How to set up an affiliate site to convert
– How to build Web 2.0s to rank with
– Tips for on-page tactics
– Outsourcing affiliate SEO
– Foreign SEO niches
– How to manage new changes and manage link fluctuations
– Buying PBNs
– Untrackable set up
– Safe linking and anchor text
– Affiliate rankings

3. Client SEO

– What is it?
– How to rank a clients’ site
– How to sell and provide the best services to clients
– How to get clients
– Advanced ways to get clients
– Using Facebook to get new clients
– Unrefusable other method
– The Elance method

4. Quick Cash Methods

– Quick cash methods
– PR site rental
– The high end niche method
– PBN builder
– Webinar jacking
– SEO services

Alex Becker’s Source Phoenix Modules – A Closer Look

Now, let’s breakdown the course modules:

Module 1: Knowing the Ropes

Just as with any situation, knowing your surroundings and being able to defend yourself is essential to success. So to be able to be on the attack in the SEO environment, you need to be extremely patient but also very proactive.

Once you start getting the hang of it, you’ll be able to start trimming the fat and concentrating on the things that really work in this field so that you will rapidly enjoy a welcome increase in your site’s traffic, rankings and results.

Module 2: Advanced Affiliate SEO

Alex Becker has brought in some top guns for this module. Dan Anderson has earned $100k via SEO and it is in this module that he highlights the various passive income streams he has set up and made simply from affiliate SEO methods. This is sure to give you the competitive advantage that will take both your ranks and business right up to the next level without even trying very hard.

Module 3: Optimizing for Clients

While it’s pretty easy to attract SEO clients, if you know what you’re doing, of course, Jake Tanner who earns $50k a month is going to show you how he and Becker are getting high paying clients that have made for very profitable ROI.

Module 4: Fast Cash SEO Services

Typically people who are into SEO business have the goal of making money. So Becker et al set out to give you the best ways to turn your revenue from your rankings with the help of Source Phoenix training as well as the SEO nova plugin.

Also covered is how to rank first and then sell second.

The Pros of Source Phoenix

– The program has been created by people who are raking in the cash doing exactly what they’re teaching.
– This is an all-round SEO product for every one of every level.
– There’s a 60-day money-back guarantee.

The Cons of Source Phoenix

– There are a broken navigation links, but they’ve been promised to be fixed by the time the product launches.
– Alex Becker’s course is somewhat costly.
– The first module is of little value to pro SEO’s.

Final Word

Alex Becker’s Course, Source Phoenix is sure to be a hit on the SEO market. It’s only once in a while that such great products surface and truly, to be an expert networker and superstar at that, you need to be able to mimic and master what the incredibly successful have already done. It’s that easy.
There’s no doubt that Source Phoenix SEO software and training is going to be big, just based on Becker’s track record and reputation alone.