The Amazing Selling Machine 9 Review

The Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) is a training program with videos and live event teaching, which teaches budding entrepreneurs to build a business selling products online, using the power of Amazon.

The ASM9 program doesn’t just give you suggestions on listing and selling products on Amazon, but it is a complete guide to building, running and eventually scaling up a real physical products business through Amazon.

How Do You Make Money From The Amazing Selling Machine?

Amazon Selling Machine 9 teaches you how to sell products as a part of Amazon’s Affiliate Marketing Program.

In a nutshell, you become a drop-shipper. When you’re a drop-shipper, you don’t have any merchandise yourself. Rather you buy it from a wholesaler at a bulk price. The products are kept in Amazon’s warehouses and then you sell them from your retail seller account on Amazon at a higher price. Your profit is the difference between wholesale prices and retail prices. The wholesaler, meanwhile, doesn’t need to look for a retail salesman as you fulfill that role through Amazon.

Thus you can buy products in wholesale and sell at a higher price to your customers, and you don’t even need a retail store or a warehouse as Amazon itself provides that as part of the Fulfillment By Amazon Programme.

Why Do You Need The Amazing Selling Machine 9?

The reason you need a training program like Amazing Selling Machine is to make sure your products are shown on top of the list whenever a potential customer searches on Amazon for your products. There are innumerable products for sale on Amazon and for your particular product to show up on top of the list, you need a lot of research and that is exactly, where ASM comes in to teach you how to do that research.

The program, co-developed by internet stalwarts Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback aims to take you through all the steps of setting up your account, establishing your business and then run and operate that business with the eventual goal of scaling up.

The ultimate goals are simply”

– Make your products perform better than other products.
– Get product reviews.
– Get featured in Amazon’s Hot Collection.

What Does The Program Consist Of?

The program is priced at about $3500. The makers promise an eventual profit of about $100,000 after you’re up and running smoothly. The customers receive the following:

– An 8-week online training course
– Ticket to a 3-day live event
– 1-year access to the program’s tools and Softwares
– Membership in the Amazing Selling Machine community

What Does The Program Teach You?

The Program, with it’s “Ultimate Promotion System” aims to teach you:

1. How to Register for a Seller account on Amazon.
2. Decide on a product to sell.
3. Create a product detail page.
4. Get views for the Amazon product.
5. Create a video for your product for YouTube.
6. Write a press release or your Amazon product.
7. Set up and implement a Review system.

What Are The Main Problems Which ASM Resolves?

1. Finding The Right Products to Sell

To decide on the right products, the program talks about:

– Finding Product Sourcing Sites
– Finding the right suppliers
– Researching the best seller list
– The best product price ranges to consider

If you have no experience in this or have no products of your own to sell, you would need guidance on deciding the right products to buy and sell.

2. How to Rise on Amazon’s Rankings

Unless you’re a top seller on Amazon, you won’t be able to make too much money.

The program teaches you to:

– Find and research high-value search keywords
– Focus on the right buying lists
– Get a competitive advantage over other sellers

3. How Do You Automate Your Business

The ultimate goal is that you automate your present business and then scale it up by focusing on products with a higher profit margin. The course will help you set that up too.

So IS ASM Worth It?

If you want to start an Affiliate Marketing Business, investing in the Amazing Selling Machine with it’s constant, high-quality training and support would be an excellent bet. The product will extensively guide you through the entire process. Although the price tag may be a bit high, you do have a 30-day money back guarantee.

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